Blender 2.79b


I’m going to do this again…for what is certainly the third but possibly my fourth to get a decent handle on the Open Source 3D creation suite. I believe the first time that I tried, perhaps 10 years or more ago, I was completely overwhelmed and found other smaller programs that would do what I needed at that time with a fraction of the effort. Over time though, it became evident that I wanted to do much more, to create mesh items for Second Life and though there were a couple others capable of doing that without forfeiting an arm or leg, that Blender could do additional things that might be useful pulled me back.

When I got serious the second time, I searched for courses and tutorials online to help because I had seen the comments of so many struggling to learn to use it. The best course I found is hosted at Udemy (Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D modelling for Beginners by Ben Trestem and Michael Bridges). If you also find yourself struggling, do consider this class.

Unfortunately, life got in the way before I finished the class the first time around. A couple of years later I determined to try it again and once again, I let the events of the time disrupt my journey. That was a year ago and now I am ready to do this again – except this time I will finish it! At least I certainly hope so!

So from this page I’ll share my journey down this path. Resources, tutorials and tips I come across will be accessible from here. I hope you’ll enjoy them or better yet – join me!


Today I added a new page under the menu item “Virtuality”. The page is dedicated to the open source 3D creation suite called Blender. While searching for material for that page, I stumbled across this video made several years ago using Blender. It is @ 15 minutes in length and well worth the time spent…

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