In July of 2006 I learned of SecondLife while watching the CBS news. There was lots of hype about virtual worlds then and besides a news article, the snow NICS was also doing one episode around SecondLife.  My attention was grabbed, I created an account and proceeded down a road that would drastically change my first life.

Photo of Aedan
Aedan returns to Second Life

Initially, it was the ability to build almost anything I could imagine that grabbed me – that along with being able to script objects to do whatever I chose.  A year later I discovered the enticing social draw of interacting with others and even got lost for a couple years doing role-play.  Second Life can consume a lot of time and it did mine. I eventually stepped back a while and took a break before diving in again…twice.

Seeking to expand and enhance creativity again, I am returning – though hopefully a bit smarter about how my time is used by keeping in mind my goals there.  If this goes as I hope, you will find material here applicable to not only SecondLife but other virtual worlds also.  I hope this will add a bit to your life and mine. Only time will tell.

Flickr Test

Testing the ‘just installed’ photonic plugin to show Aedan’s Flickr Pics.

I’m not so sure the ‘Photonic plugin’ is going to serve my purposes…embedding a pic from flicker may be all I really need to do but I may try some other plugins on this page so I’m leaving it…

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Sintel - The Third Blender Movie


Today I added a new page under the menu item “Virtuality”. The page is dedicated to the open source 3D creation suite called Blender. While searching for material for that page, I stumbled across this video made several years ago using Blender. It is @ 15 minutes in length and well worth the time spent…

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Donn DeVore

Two Hours Is Not Enough

Time is running out before I return to work and hey! It was Friday with all sorts of live music events going on in SL so I had to partake. Luckily for me, I had the pleasure, once again, of being shown around by my friend, Rofina. She had told up front who she was…

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Mons Creating a Mandala

My Mandala

I can’t think of a better way to spend the first Monday of my week off than being in up to my ears in a LSL script while watching the sunset from 1200 meters in  the air – while sitting at my desk in a jogging suit, coffee in hand and an awesome chillstep piece…

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Friend by Blackmill


I’ve fallen behind so quickly with my intention to add daily posts!  It is not all for no reason, though whether the reasons are good enough is doubtful. Hey! I’m on vacation! It has been an interesting and enjoyable staycation though one might say that ‘taking a trip without leaving the farm’ is a good…

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The Matrix

Reality Is What You Make It

Audio Recorder/Player As part of my effort to dive into music creation I purchased a small audio recorder for the purpose of having something handy to hum into when a tune is in my head – hoping to preserve that until I can actually try to recreate it in Garageband. It is slightly larger than…

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