Robot in Thought

Death Becomes Us

Re-evaluating ourselves on a regular basis is a good thing. Sure, being overly critical of oneself may not be healthy but not being able to handle criticism whether it comes from yourself or others is arguably much worse. Yearly resolutions are often the outcome of such criticism as they attempt to plot a course for […]

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The Sun peers from behind Earth

The Big Picture

After yesterday’s post and with the events around President Bush funeralĀ  happening today, I was struggling to decide what today’s topic should be. There is nothing more I can add to the remembrance of the former president. If I weren’t trying to avoid political commentary, still the events of today in his memory would make […]

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Most recent former presidents

Better Days

Yesterday the sun rose one last time for President George H. W. Bush. Though not one of my favorites I never felt he was ripping the country apart as the current administration. President Bush saw us through a lot of changes and I do believe he genuinely felt he was guiding the country to a […]

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