Li’l Breeze

After having been grounded for several years and feeling an itch to return to sailing I began scouring the ‘Sailboats for Sale’ pages looking for what might just be the perfect boat.  Any sailor knows there is no such thing.  Every boat is a compromise and from the vast number available, one weighs the pros and cons of each that demands attention.

I quickly created a short list of boats that might fulfill my wishes and wear the name “Ahimsa Breeze” but with too many uncertainties currently running my life I opted for something smaller.  I found a boat that would get me on the water, have plenty of room for a guest or two and still fit in my garage.

Though this boat will hopefully fill my immediate wants, it will never fill my long term aspirations. Thus, she will be named ‘Li’l Breeze’ when finally christened. From this page you may watch my preparation and adventures if you choose.


Just purchased and so much work to do!


It doesn’t take a genius to realize that being open to change, to setting aside old prejudices and learning something new is usually an asset. This can open new horizons by changing the way you see the world. It can make yourself more useful and thus, more valuable at work. New relationships with others may…

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