Electronic Music

As a young boy, my parents and grandparents thought I should take up an instrument.  Actually, I am guessing it was my grandmother’s idea because the instrument they handed me, purchased lessons for and ran me around for mini-concert and competitions was an accordion. I enjoyed playing it but when the teen years came around, I decided it just wasn’t cool.  Of course, nothing to do with parents was ‘cool’ then.

So it sat. I stumbled across that old, but still attractive squeeze box when I returned home from an enlistment in the Navy. It still wasn’t cool though I still fostered an interest in doing more than just listening to somebody else playing.

Over the years I picked up a guitar which I thought way much more ‘cool’ but never took it far. While working in Germany, I bought an electronic keyboard but was having way too much fun riding my CB750F on the autobahn and around the winding roads to really put much effort into it in the few hours I wasn’t working.

In the last few years I regained interest and bought a Yamaha YPG-235 keyboard. I didn’t really give much thought to the midi interface though I thought it might be something fun to play with one day.  When it came time to open the box and set everything up, of course I had to connect the keyboard to my computer where Garageband was already waiting.  With some encouragement from a friend I started tinkering in Garageband and got lost playing with all the available instruments.

After a few online classes it soon became evident that a whole new world had opened while I was looking the other way…and it is time to explore it.


So this is the second export of my attempt to recreate ‘Friend’. This is only the first minute of a @ 5 minute piece but I want to get this ‘as good as I can’ before continuing. I think I’m getting close enough to continue with the remainder of the tune…learning all along the way…

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Two Hours Is Not Enough

Time is running out before I return to work and hey! It was Friday with all sorts of live music events going on in SL so I had to partake. Luckily for me, I had the pleasure, once again, of being shown around by my friend, Rofina. She had told up front who she was…

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I’ve fallen behind so quickly with my intention to add daily posts!  It is not all for no reason, though whether the reasons are good enough is doubtful. Hey! I’m on vacation! It has been an interesting and enjoyable staycation though one might say that ‘taking a trip without leaving the farm’ is a good…

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