Change is coming


No! This isn’t about any weighty or contentious subject…it is simply about what seems to be a common theme for me for nearly a decade now except that rather than ending, it is continuing. Surprise! I created this domain and site with the intention of writing about several of my interests and yet keep them […]

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Robot in Thought

Death Becomes Us

Re-evaluating ourselves on a regular basis is a good thing. Sure, being overly critical of oneself may not be healthy but not being able to handle criticism whether it comes from yourself or others is arguably much worse. Yearly resolutions are often the outcome of such criticism as they attempt to plot a course for […]

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It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is behind us and for too many the debt to pay it off is waiting around the corner. The new year is just over the horizon and here and there are discussions and reminders about New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve not really been a fan of resolutions for […]

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Syrian Civil War

Tough Choices

With trump’s announcement by tweet that he was withdrawing troops from Syria immediately I quickly found myself uncertain if I thought this was a good thing or not. Though I am told I am very liberal and I abhor violence, and remain weary of the military/industrial complex there are a small handful of subjects that […]

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Food Fight


Riding into work this morning I found myself both looking forward to starting my vacation tomorrow and thoughtful about my lack of enthusiasm for the holiday season. I will return to work on Christmas Eve and it is not bothering me that I wasn’t able to get that week off. It’s not bothering me that […]

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