Syrian Civil War

Tough Choices

With trump’s announcement by tweet that he was withdrawing troops from Syria immediately I quickly found myself uncertain if I thought this was a good thing or not. Though I am told I am very liberal and I abhor violence, and remain weary of the military/industrial complex there are a small handful of subjects that […]

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Friend by Blackmill


I’ve fallen behind so quickly with my intention to add daily posts!  It is not all for no reason, though whether the reasons are good enough is doubtful. Hey! I’m on vacation! It has been an interesting and enjoyable staycation though one might say that ‘taking a trip without leaving the farm’ is a good […]

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Food Fight


Riding into work this morning I found myself both looking forward to starting my vacation tomorrow and thoughtful about my lack of enthusiasm for the holiday season. I will return to work on Christmas Eve and it is not bothering me that I wasn’t able to get that week off. It’s not bothering me that […]

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Tim Green

When Is Enough?

I often hear thought provoking stories on NPR and today was no different.¬† On my drive in to work this morning I was already considering how people can look at the same things, the same events and yet honestly see completely different things according to how they view the world which is formed by life […]

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The Sun peers from behind Earth

The Big Picture

After yesterday’s post and with the events around President Bush funeral¬† happening today, I was struggling to decide what today’s topic should be. There is nothing more I can add to the remembrance of the former president. If I weren’t trying to avoid political commentary, still the events of today in his memory would make […]

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