Aural Impressions

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Sunrise Brings New Beginnings

Not just a walk. Not just anywhere. Sunrises signify new beginnings and fresh starts. At the same time we know, or hope, they are coming every day so they are like an old friend. In the early morning hours before the rush of the day takes hold is the perfect time to take inventory, to…

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Echoes Of The Past and Future

For quite some time now I’ve been looking for ways to rejuvenate the creative passion I once had. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of things but keep going back to the things I knew as a kid.  Well, in some instances I have and sometimes ‘almost’ went back but not quite. I used to be…

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Senses Change Reality

Today wasn’t the first time I noticed this but perhaps I’ve thought about it enough to give more than a passing mention to it. In reality, bicycling is much like sailing with one very important difference beyond the fact that falling off likely results in entirely different experiences. Many a sailor, certainly including myself here, has…

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Sound And The Evolution Of Your Brain

I expect that it is little surprise to anybody that sound effects our moods.  I could think of nothing better to ruin the mood of my parents as a teen ager than to put on some music that I knew they didn’t appreciate – and the louder the better.  Sounds of all sorts are used…

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A History Of The Universe In Sound

I find it tempting to describe sound simply as those things that I can hear but if it were that simple, then I suppose that each of us might have a different definition of sound and one that changes over our lifetimes as our ears grow less responsive to the invisible waves we are immersed…

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