About Ahimsa Breeze

Why this name?  Ahimsa Breeze is a combination of words that I came up with after buying a sailboat. I thought it a perfect play on the idea of ‘do no harm’ combined with the wind. However, the boat I bought was something to fill a gap while I decided if I really wanted to go the next step and get something larger.  “Ahimsa Breeze” just seemed a bit too ambitious for the 14′ Javeline I bought. Additionally, I didn’t want to deal with changing names or confusion in the event of another purchase.  “Li’l Breeze” seemed much more appropriate.

Something has called me to the water after growing up in Colorado. I still remember the model of the U.S. Constitution that my birth father bought for me as a child.  It was a model with more pieces than the highest number I could count.  I never actually finished building that model but it doesn’t matter.  I think that planted the seed in combination to the fact that I was told he had been in the Coast Guard at one time.

My first sailboat was a 29 Watkins sloop named Gipasina.  That was the nickname of the woman that was my partner at the time. With her attention to detail and cleanliness, Gipasina was a beautiful and comfortable boat but we never made the longer trips I had dreamed of before giving it up.

It may be my sense of leaving something undone that keeps the idea of another, larger boat in my mind for entertainment. Unfortunately, I know the odds are working against me. I’m 15 years older, must work and have three cats the depend upon me.  Something would have to change drastically before I could really consider a larger boat. 

In the interim, the spirit of Ahimsa Breeze calls this website home as I continue through life with the desire to minimize my impact and do no harm to the world I will one day leave behind.