Change is coming


No! This isn’t about any weighty or contentious subject…it is simply about what seems to be a common theme for me for nearly a decade now except that rather than ending, it is continuing. Surprise!

I created this domain and site with the intention of writing about several of my interests and yet keep them separate so that you could easily choose what might interest you and ignore the rest. It’s not working. As the site was put together I can’t easily keep them separate and my days of creating websites by hand are behind me. That is not the way I want to explore and express my creativity.

To that end, I’m working on a new multi-user site and will migrate to that once I’m satisfied it’s ready.

I’m quite excited by this development because though I haven’t written much here lately, it’s not because I’ve been sleeping. Rather, it is because I’ve found a fun and creative outlet that is taking me in a couple different directions while at the same time, they are woven tightly together.

Please stand by…

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