Regaining Focus

Feeling a bit of guilt for having not posted for over a week, I wrote an article and had only to create or find an image to go with it before pressing the ‘post’ link. And it still sits. I considered just finishing that post this morning but really today it is all about regaining focus.

I liked the idea of daily posts to force me to think, to be creative. I read the posts of others that make daily posts I find many interesting, not too long and not too short. Many I find just the opposite and that is the category I don’t want to fall into on a regular basis. Being able to write something interesting even when life is pulling in other directions must be a possible sign of a good writer.

Were I to continue down that road this would be more of a personal diary with very little if anything of interest to anybody else while I spilled all the beans in my closet. This was never my intention so it is official…unless something huge changes in my life, there will not be daily posts. You’re welcome!

For most of my life I have tended to focus intensely on a specific subject or small handful of them for a period and then something else comes along to grab my attention. It’s not something I’m necessarily proud of but it is true. I have at times called myself a ‘renaissance man’ because I seem to know a little about a lot of things. Focusing on a single thing for a long time to obtain an expert knowledge can be difficult and when I go back some months later, I find I am forced to relearn things because they hadn’t been put into practice. Again, this is something I’m trying to address….continuously.

The last few weeks have been one of these transitions periods for me. I set out two months ago to focus on the subjects of this website – and have been for the most part. However, I’ve struggled to write about my progress. Additionally, I’m finding that most of the personalities that I’m learning from took years to get where they are. This is what I need to strive for.

At the same time, I am continuing a long running effort of simplifying, or reducing my footprint and hopefully making myself more able to meet unexpected changes of which rumors are getting louder.

In conclusion, I’ll be posting when I feel I’ve something of interest to share and not just to stick to a schedule.

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