2019, Here We Come

Really!? I’ve made it this far!? There is a part of me that thinks that fact is remarkable enough and that expecting for anything more of this coming year for myself may not be reasonable. Additionally, this is the time of the year when so many set resolutions that never see the first day of February.

Not I! I don’t usually set myself up for failure on the first day of the year. The last time I did I succeeded though I really did try. Sometimes we expect too much. Sometimes we strive for things we perhaps hadn’t thought all the way through had we actually succeeded. In the end, not succeeding for whatever reason may have it’s own implications that one had better be prepared for.

And so, looking back on the last year I recognize a few things – exactly ‘a few’ as I count them on three finger – that though I failed, I didn’t miss the valuable lessons they exposed. Actually, the last two years intertwined with one another. Surely it is time to apply those lessons and move on.

Excepting those failures, they were good years so without going into details, my only resolution is to return to what I was doing, to find more ways to live in harmony with the time and place I have come to find myself in, to live more compassionately, to redouble my efforts into learning and find my one path to Ahimsa.

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