The Sun peers from behind Earth

The Big Picture

After yesterday’s post and with the events around President Bush funeral  happening today, I was struggling to decide what today’s topic should be. There is nothing more I can add to the remembrance of the former president. If I weren’t trying to avoid political commentary, still the events of today in his memory would make […]

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Wikipedia image of List of Lists

List Of Lists

The weekend is gone in a flash yet again.  Monday mornings should be a good reminder that putting stuff off until the future creates an atmosphere of great anticipation for the future and once it has come to fruition and passed, there is often a feeling of disappointment or dis-satisfaction left behind. This is true […]

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Most recent former presidents

Better Days

Yesterday the sun rose one last time for President George H. W. Bush. Though not one of my favorites I never felt he was ripping the country apart as the current administration. President Bush saw us through a lot of changes and I do believe he genuinely felt he was guiding the country to a […]

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