Sintel - The Third Blender Movie


Today I added a new page under the menu item “Virtuality”. The page is dedicated to the open source 3D creation suite called Blender. While searching for material for that page, I stumbled across this video made several years ago using Blender.

It is @ 15 minutes in length and well worth the time spent watching it. I’ll admit that within the first few minutes I was wondering if the violence would disqualify it from the tone I want from this site but the quality of the work kept me watching. Soon, I realized that it is indeed worth sharing here because it demonstrates a value of computer generated graphics that I embrace.

It wasn’t that long ago that the movie going public wasn’t aware of the use and abuse of animals in the film industry. Today, we know that it’s not necessary – in fact there is no excuse of causing injury or death to animals for our entertainment. Additionally, computer generated content permits us to imagine all sorts of things without inflicting harm. Be they science fiction, ancient history or any other story that might contain content that is hazardous or perhaps even impossible to do without some form of artificial substitution, computer generated content is everywhere these days.

Keeping in mind that this video is several years old and that both software and hardware continue to improve, the future is wide open. Certainly there is other work out there that is more realistic and perhaps of better visual quality from software costing much, much more (it’s pretty difficult to compare to ‘free’), but at this price, the cost of cruelty free, engrossing and educational entertainment creation is available to most anybody.

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