Donn DeVore

Two Hours Is Not Enough

Time is running out before I return to work and hey! It was Friday with all sorts of live music events going on in SL so I had to partake. Luckily for me, I had the pleasure, once again, of being shown around by my friend, Rofina. She had told up front who she was planning on seeing so I didn’t really look too hard through all of the group notices that started rolling in after noon. The two shows would take at least two hours so I was booked.

The DJ at the first event was Ultra Violet. This is the second time I had the opportunity to hear her and have no doubt I’ll do that again. Her music is fresh to me and as I listen, I can see the notes flowing by in my garageband brain which makes it all the more enjoyable.

The second stop was at LEA20 (Linden Endowment of the Arts (sim 20 i presume) This event featured Donn DeVore. I hadn’t heard Donn before but was handed a link to his soundcloud page and was immediately impressed by the very first track on his page.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the psychedelic colors of Donn’s avatar but he brought enough equipment with him to hide behind. For but a moment I wondered if I could sound as good if I had the same equipment available but then I woke and knew that it takes talent to create the music he entertained us with.

Another huge plus going for Donn – as if skill wasn’t enough – is that the quality of his stream into SL was amazing when I compare it to others I have listened to. Honestly, I was not able to tell the difference in quality between what was streamed there and directly from soundcloud. Whether that should be credited to the host he is using, to (as I use the Firestorm viewer, to the quality of his studio equipment and skills or a combination of all three – the in world result was first class.

From what I can see, electonic music is alive and very well in SL…..and I have much to witness yet.

Note* While researching for this post, I learned from his website that he will be streaming live on youtube on December 26th. I plan on being there and hope you will be also!

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