Syrian Civil War

Tough Choices

With trump’s announcement by tweet that he was withdrawing troops from Syria immediately I quickly found myself uncertain if I thought this was a good thing or not. Though I am told I am very liberal and I abhor violence, and remain weary of the military/industrial complex there are a small handful of subjects that I tend to disagree with many of my progressive friends with such tough choices.

My first thoughts are that the planet as run by humans is a violent place and that if we can’t find it within ourselves to combat the evil that is released by greed or ego then we really don’t deserve to be living ourselves. The conflict in Syria didn’t simply happen over night in a vacuum that meant the US was not responsible for anything that had happened there for the last century. Our lifestyles are based on wealth and influence gained by past interference in the region….interference that happened before you or I. To now deny the people of Syria (and so many other areas) the same chances we have had in some new found short sighted isolationism is tragic.

Pulling back and looking at the big picture…nature is violent and ruthless. Other inhabitants of our planet fight for territory and kill each other. Stars die and explode taking all life in their proximity with them…even the microbes within our body fight their enemies to the death.

As humans toting around a conscience we recognize perhaps more than others the pain and suffering of others and have empathy for others experiencing those afflictions and yet we know that other humans are capable of conflicting the greatest of pain upon others humans other species – and some of us do it without even flinching.

If the rest of us simply turn away when we witness these terrors, will the gene or whatever may cause such lack of empathy and violence ever be eradicated from our species or by letting them have their way are we encouraging other despots and non-caring egos to flourish? If we show no empathy for others and turn away what is it in us that makes us any different from any other lifeform thinking only of itself?

I suppose that if you’re of a faith which holds that there is a higher being who sits as judge and jury then you might feel that in the end, those who practice evil over others will face some judgement. In that case, perhaps you’re feeling that in the long term, the future is moot because there will be som global day of judgement after which everybody left will live eternally in peace and that our attempting to interfere in the actions of others will only fail because – well, there is only one way that things will get fixed.

If however, you’ve taken an interest in science, evolution and history it becomes painfully apparent that most all religions today are telling myths intended for particular people at a particular time. These are myths and legends that gave rise to not only good as was probably intended but also to evil and overgrown egos.

If we are to keep our step in the hierarchy on an earth on which we wish to keep living, one of compassion and order, then we need to be able to step up to the table when the time comes to confront evil and aggression. Equally though, we need to take steps to avoid interference in other places for our own gain. Those are the events that keep us returning to clean up the mess we have caused repeatedly. Walking away from our ‘mess’ will never make us better people – not making a mess in the first place is the answer.

Cleaning up old messes, avoiding new ones and not making future messes should be the goal, not walking away from a mess we helped to create and ignoring the associated implications that likely will follow.

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