Mons Creating a Mandala

My Mandala

I can’t think of a better way to spend the first Monday of my week off than being in up to my ears in a LSL script while watching the sunset from 1200 meters in  the air – while sitting at my desk in a jogging suit, coffee in hand and an awesome chillstep piece flowing into my ears.  Well, that is the best thing I can think of doing alone, anyway. Little else in the world matters.

Sure, after a couple of hours I may be pounding my head against the desk when the script insists on not doing what I want it to do – no matter what I might actually be telling it what to do! However, until that moment of exhaustion comes this is an exercise in which all else is released and my full concentration is focused on one task. 

My Mandala
Scripting or sun worshiping?

Similar to the Buddhist practice of painstakingly and carefully laying out colored sand in the process of painting their intricate and beautiful Mandalas – only to see them wiped away at some later point – I know this too is temporary. Not only is it something you can’t touch or hold, nor can you touch or hold the objects that the scripts control and move because everything is virtual.

Being virtual is a real winner for me at this time in my life. As I am attempting to get rid of the things in my ‘real life’ that are no longer needed, that will probably never be needed by me again in this life time, here I can accumulate all I might think I could want or desire and when I am gone, nobody will have to clean up after me beyond hitting the ‘delete’ button.

And the power I’m consuming? While it is true that this pleasure isn’t 100% non-taxing to the earth, the truth is that this computer would be on right now anyway, even if I weren’t using it. That is something I’m still working on.  A more efficient, newer computer would help but then that would mean sending this one to be scrapped.

…and a newer computer wouldn’t help me script any better – though the sunsets might look better..

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