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I’ve fallen behind so quickly with my intention to add daily posts!  It is not all for no reason, though whether the reasons are good enough is doubtful. Hey! I’m on vacation! It has been an interesting and enjoyable staycation though one might say that ‘taking a trip without leaving the farm’ is a good description.

Rofina Bronet

Friday saw much of my time in SecondLife working on the scripts for an elevator I’m building while also trying to clean out my wardrobe closet once again after the mesh body of my avatar was updated. I actually started redoing my wardrobe when I first returned a week or so ago but it takes time and is rather tedious or some might say boring. Consequently, I’m just doing what is necessary as it is necessary. Friday was necessary because, thanks to a new friend – Rofina Bronet  I had received invitations to attend a couple gatherings where the guests were playing their electronic music.

I went expecting to hear good and different music while also mingling with people from the more artistic side of SL and I wasn’t disappointed.

Yesterday started with a quick visit to SL to work on scripts. All the visits are so quick because time passes way too fast while in there. However yesterday, I had determined to spend much more time in the real world working on learning to make my own music.

Several weeks ago, I had decided that to help me find my way around Garageband and learn how to really use it, I would attempt to duplicate a piece of electronic music. I quickly knew which piece would be my target because it had moved me so much at one point.  It is the first piece in the first of a series of Chillsteps featuring Alan Watts.

Attempted to strip the voice using Audacity

I had downloaded the sound file of the entire hour long chillstep and extracted the first 5 minutes to import into Garageband. Unfortunately, the voice of Mr. Watts that had been put over the top of the piece was too loud and the spectrum too wide to sufficiently dampen it with any method I could find.

Yesterday, I stumbled across another chillstep on youtube that used this same piece but provided the name and artist. Friend by Blackmill. Jackpot! I quickly grabbed a copy of that and also found the video of somebody else recreating the same piece though not in Garageband.  I found this inspiring and helpful to watch. My day was now set.

Don’t over think it!  Just drag the file to where you want it!

Garageband. (followed by a heavy sigh…)  Things aren’t always so obvious in Garageband. I knew that other DAWs had the ability to import sound files into a track of their own but how to do that in GB wasn’t slapping me in the face.  After some time, the answer became obvious – just drag the file into the work space!

As I pick this tune apart to recreate it, the first thing I learned is that GB doesn’t come with any freestanding ‘string’ instruments that are sampled. The closest I could actually find to the sound I hear of a base track that runs throughout the piece is synthesized and sounds like it. A couple hours of trying to tweak and discussing the likelihood of purchasing Logic Pro X (GB on steroids) to get the additional sounds, I discovered I could tone down the synthesized portion of that particular sound using the graphic equalizer.

Saved! I can put off that purchase for a while…yet…and continue my path of making Friend and friends!

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