In The End

In The End

Gone in a flash!  That was my three day weekend! Despite being on call for work, I also got a few things done that were on my list in addition to taking time to work on a project in SecondLife, studied some music making and applied a coat of paint to the transom of Li’l Breeze.  Despite my obvious lack of skill at painting with an airless sprayer I’m still considering it a successful weekend.

What I did not do for three days was post an entry here. I did struggle with that. My intention was to force myself to post daily to the ‘daily blog’ section in addition to any other projects I might post about. The problem was that though all three of my other projects might have rendered a post, when it came to the daily blog section it was difficult to not say anything about the political news of the weekend which I don’t want to get caught up in here because I do have very strong feelings about what is going on but if you wanted to read people’s opinions on that, there are plenty of places to go.

I did begin to post but it included a video which I wasn’t able to upload because of it’s size. I took that as a sign that a three day hiatus was the universal plan. It sounded good, anyway!

In the end, this weekend was great because I was able to not give too much thought to the future. There was time for meditation, deep thinking and enjoying being alive. I stayed in the moment and it was extremely rewarding.

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