One Step Back

It is possibly commonly accepted that the only direction to move is forward. Perhaps that is correct because in general, we don’t get ‘do overs’…at least that has been my experience. However, when moving forward leads to a wall that has refused to move or fall down after a year of swinging at and pushing on it….well, there is a saying about expecting the same actions to return different results.

It was about a year ago that I met someone on an online dating site and we made plans to actually meet. I had great hopes and recognized that if there to be any chance of a lasting relationship, I would need to scale back my efforts in other areas. At that particular instant I was also about to put a huge effort into expanding my creativity by diving deeper into the creation of virtual items to be used in virtual worlds such as Second Life. I shelved those plans.

After that and other efforts to find someone to share my ‘real’ life with have resulted in a year of disappointment,  I am going to do some virtual exploring again and see if the creativity I found in SL before still appeals to me as it had for several years in the past.

So, I will be adding content from that effort to this site but not as part of the daily posts but an effort all of its own.  Some of that content will be on the page dedicated to virtual worlds. Hopefully you’ll visit that page also.

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