Keyboard and iMac running Garageband

Learning For Life

Just over a year ago, I purchased an electronic keyboard (Yamaha YPG-235) with the intention and desire to dust off my accordion fingers and learn to play with both hands on the same keyboard. The fact that it has a midi interface meant that I soon found myself poking around in the Apple application named “Garageband”. The thought of being able to play any instrument to put a piece of music together soon overtook the desire to play the piano alone.  This may actually go hand in hand with my post from yesterday about having too many bouncing balls but this is one of those balls I am determined to keep my eyes on.

Last night I was re-taking a class on music theory ( Music Theory for Electronic Musicians at ). I had completed this several months ago but failed to apply what I thought I learned right away. Since the class was enjoyable and the instructor very motivating I thought I’d try this again. By the end of the second lesson, it occurred to me that I would likely benefit greatly by actually taking the time to do the suggested exercise.  There was no need to rush to the next lesson since I had already been down this path once and knew what to expect. After an hour of working on that exercise and still not ready to move on, I’m feeling quite confident that I’m actually learning something that will stick with me this time.

Driving to work this morning I was thinking about what to post about today while listening to NPR as I do every morning. Being discussed was last friday’s release of a governmental report concerning Global Warming (aka Climate Change) and the current administration’s refusal to accept the science around it.

I find this fact extremely frustrating. Luckily for me I suppose, I have no children to blame me for what they will be dealing with yet I still find the denial and lack of action to be tragic.  I have read many articles on this but more importantly I believe, I’ve made the effort to sit in on a couple online classes presented by climate scientists that have painstakingly tried to simplify what is not a simple subject. Though I have since all but given up trying to reason with people that continue to deny the science, it occurred to me that there are similarities in my effort to learn to play electronic music and the attempts to educate the masses about global warming.

Just as I need to slow down and realize there is much to be learned by making the extra effort to do the various exercises in the class I am taking, everybody needs to make an effort to actually listen to the people that have studied climate science and work in the field every day. It’s too easy to think we know everything or to grab some motto that supports beliefs that we’ve carried with us. How ironic is it that educated adults send their children to school to learn so that they might have a better life yet for some reason believe that there is nothing left to learn after leaving school – unless it involves making money.

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