Moon over the Atlantic Ocean

Patience Wins

Over the last two years I have made a huge effort to get out – to socialize and meet more people in person since these are against my nature. My emphasis has truly been to meet more vegans for friendship and perhaps even one to spend more time doing things together.  To be honest, that has been somewhat disappointing. Vegans also have companions and lives of their own and physical attraction doesn’t suddenly get tossed out the door after a passing ‘hello’ with somebody of similar ethical standards.

Last night’s gathering on the beach for a bonfire reinforced that. It was a beautiful, surprisingly warm evening over cast with clouds. There were many other groups hosting bonfires with no real designated locations. The trick for looking for the ‘right’ fire is to look at t-shirts.  There will be at least one vegan t-shirt in the mix and just in case, wear one of your own so somebody can grab you if you don’t see them first.

I did meet a few new people. One actually grew up in the same suburb of Denver that I spent the first 8 years or so of my life. We likely went to the same elementary school though he would have been there about 10 years before me.  And then we sat beside each other on the same beach on the Atlantic coast.  A small world indeed.

Several ‘old’ friends were also present for conversation also so it was a pleasant evening in which I learned more about each of them. Perhaps my expectation of meaningful friendships is a bit rushed and my tendency to keep to myself makes it less likely that they ever find their way to me. Perhaps patience on my part is the key.

Patience was the winner when the clouds finally began clearing so that the moon could light up the beach….a beach that by then had gone mostly dark as the bonfire faded away.

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