Sunrise 24 November 2018

New Day, New Beginning

Warning! This may be a lengthy post but I promise that for the most part, the daily posts will be much, much shorter. The justification for this longer post is that I have so much to cover. Two cups of coffee may help also.

About the daily posts.  This is a challenge I am accepting as a method to rekindle some creativity on my part. Though the challenge wasn’t directly pointed at me, it is one put forth by Seth Godin and he seems to know what he is talking about in the world of blogs and marketing.  If I can mix in a bit of my own creativity along with a dose of focus, I expect this will be a good thing for me even if posts are never read. 

Website consolidation.  With the launch of this new site – which I am still setting up even as I type this post – I have decided to consolidate my personal efforts into one domain and one site as much as possible. You may notice posts older than this one. I have imported them from their original home at  The original purpose for that domain has waned a bit and I’ve struggled to contribute additional material within the confines of that purpose. Here I will continue those efforts with Aural Impressions having its own page to call home.

And now to the intent and explanation of the title for this post. I’ve already stated several good reasons to call this a new beginning. Those are not the only reasons though. There are several additional reasons.  Some are personal and most will be kept to myself.  Some are work related. Some are just a recognition and acceptance of facts.

From the personal list, I’m closing some social accounts that were going nowhere and becoming more of a hassle and time sink than anything else. One of these is an online dating site that I have subscribed to (on and off) for over a year now.  I’m sure it works for some. It really hasn’t for me. I may have gained a few friends which is not a bad thing at all but distance, insincerity of some, scammers and in the end doubts about my own expectations and desires have all piled up to say “enough of that” and “get on with your own life”.  And so I shall.

On the employment side, the last couple of months have seen lots of changes and made it painfully obvious that change can come completely unsuspected.  I have been mostly fortunate in this lifetime but that’s no guarantee that it will continue. I need to refresh and learn new skills…just in case. This is bringing more urgency to my desire to refocus on things.

And so I renew this journey. I heard somewhere that life is just a box of chocolates.  Of course, there are many variations on that but left on the counter they will disappear or melt….and how I love chocolate 😉

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